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wire sculptures by gavin worth

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The Man-faced Stink Bug (Catacanthus incarnatus)

by Bec Crew

This is C. incarnatus, otherwise known as the Man-Faced Stink Bug. Discovered in 1778 by British entomologist, Dru Drury, the species hails from Southeast Asia and India, where it congregates in dense groups of several hundred on fruit trees and flowering flame trees.

Man-Faced Stink Bugs can come in several colours, such as red, yellow, orange and cream, and it’s thought that these mostly bold colours exist to warn predators that the bug is either poisonous or at least tastes horrible. The bizarre face pattern could also function as a defence mechanism, with the pseudo-eyespots drawing attention away from the vulnerable head area…

(read more: Scientific American)

photos: Shutterstock; P. S. Bhat and Srikumar. K. K